IM500 Ice Vending Machine
The IM500 offers "big" production starting under $29,500. Kooler Ice is pleased to announce the new "IM500" - the smallest and most productive Ice Vending Machine on the market today that automatically makes, stores and bags fresh ice, on demand, 24 hours a day! As you may know, bin size does matter, and the IM500 offer's the largest bin in...
IM1000 Ice Vending Machine
For the last several years, Kooler Ice has been listening to the needs of customers and designing equipment around those needs.  Kooler Ice is proud to introduce the newest machine to the Kooler Ice family - the IM1000.  The IM1000 provides retailers with a machine that combines outstanding style, production and technology into a pacakge that will increase their ice sales and...
Ki810 Ice & Water Vending Machine
The KI 810 with its larger bin capacity is designed to handle more traffic. As with the IM1000 this machine vends both water and ice.   What Are The Benefits of the Kooler Ice Machine? * Increased Package Ice Sales - Because the Kooler Ice Machine can be located outside as a vending machine, it is easily accessible to your...
IM2500 Ice and Water Vending Machine
In August of 2012, Kooler Ice, Inc annouced the IM2500. The new IM2500 Ice Vending Machine is our largest and most productive Ice vending machine yet! The IM2500, like our other Kooler Ice models, offers owners outstanding style, technology and features that are sure to attract the consumer's attention and make your business rewarding and profitable! After watching other manufacturers...
Benefits of Becoming a Kooler Ice Owner
Increased Package Ice Sales
Because the Kooler Ice Machine can be located outside as a vending machine, it is easily accessible to your customers, increasing your sales and profits without increasing your cost. It works for you 24/7. Full time access to the machine increases sales!
Increase Your Packaged Ice Profits
Double your ice profits by owning or leasing your own Kooler Ice Machine. Don't let your profits be dependent upon fuel costs, product availability and shipping schedules. The Kooler Ice machine will virtually eliminate theft, stock outs, and provide your customers with a higher quality product.
Differentiate Your Ice Business
The Kooler Ice machine will allow you to keep and expand your existing customer base and will help you compete with the new, "free standing" ice vending machines.
Quick and Convenient
With Kooler Ice, your customers put their money in and listen as the machine delivers and bags fresh ice and sends it down the chute in 10 seconds! They just twist, tie and go!
Kooler Ice and Water Vending Machines
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